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Sometimes we really feel idiotic when people sitting next to us are taking about a common happening and we have no clue of whatsoever they are saying. For the past month we have heard a lot about two word 3G and 4G, some people are well familiar with these terms (good for them) while some are still having difficulty swallowing it.

For the sake of less complication I am going to skip the definition of 3G and 4G and would rather focus on what they can do for you rather than what they are.

Basically both 3G and 4G are meant for high speed internet. With the help of these two technologies you will be able to surf the net faster, do online streaming, make video calls, make audio call and visit your favorite pages without having to wait for a longer period of time. Previous to these two technologies we were not even able to use light applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, viber with complete freedom and had to wait for quite a bit of time for them to function properly, but with 3G you can do it fast actually much faster and with 4G it is going to fly. Comparing 3G with 4G is like comparing Ferrari with Lamborghini both of them are fast but Lamborghini has the upper hand, same is the case with 4G. Technically speaking with the help of 3G you get downloading speed of about 600-800 kbps while with 4G you will be hitting speed of around 1Mpbs.

Even though these services have been launched in the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad but still people are unable to avail these services because they find difficulty in turning on their 3G settings. I have even heard that some shopkeepers have been charging a lot of money just to turn on 3G settings. Well the good news is I am going to show it to you for free. You need to follow the following steps in order to turn on your 3G or 4G settings:

On your mobile phone go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Click More
  3. Now click on “Mobile Network”
  4. On the next screen click on “Network Mode”
  5. Now you will be given 3 options to select from check the “WCDMA (preferred)/GSM”

Now you are all ready to use the 3G services given that your network is providing you with these two services.

To benefit from these services there are a few things which are compulsory first you need to have a Smartphone with a hardware which supports 3G, almost all the latest Smartphone’s come with this technology enabled. Again you will be wondering what a Smartphone is well “Smartphone a mobile phone that is able to carry out many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications like sending or receiving emails and editing office documents etc. and the second thing is that your service provider should be proving you with these services in your area. Companies have spend  millions to buy the bandwidth they need in order to provide these services so it is not  going to come cheap and is sure to empty your pockets but  I am sure it’s worth it, so keep calm and enjoy the speed.

If I had to say this in one sentence it would be:

“It’s fast… real fast! “


Contributed by: Wasim Feroze

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Farhana is the Content Manager at MeriTaleem.com. She's an avid reader and a frequent writer. She likes blogging and travelling.

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Farhana Fatima

Farhana is the Content Manager at MeriTaleem.com. She's an avid reader and a frequent writer. She likes blogging and travelling.

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