7 Top Paid Careers For Faster Financial Stability

We are always told that money is not everything and while it is very true, we spend most of our lives in attaining sustainability and earning good money. Most people are also of a view that if they have money, they can buy things that can make them happy and keep them stable. Nevertheless, this is a never ending debate with a bunch of different opinions. Talking about stability, we have compiled a list of 7 top paid careers that can give you around $50 an hour or more than $100,000 a year if you have a work routine of 40 hours a week.

Career and Stability

1. Sales Manager

Every business runs on sales and that is what the sales managers do – they analyse the performance and identify the required trainings at organizational level, to achieve the set goals and deliverables. Sales managers get a median hourly pay of $50.60.

2. Astronomers/Physicists

The matter we see around, the things we experience and this universe the existence of which no common man can explain; these all are things that physicist and astronomers study to provide us with understandable answers to the mysterious questions about the existence. Astronomers and Physicists normally get a median hourly pay of $51.14.

3. Computer Research Scientists

Tireless efforts of computer scientists for developing and designing new solutions for the existing technologies has resulted in an evolution of the computing technologies. Computer scientists make us of their skills in solving complex problems by providing easy to use solutions. The median hourly pay is around $49.13.

4. Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineers are the people behind all the awesome processors, circuit boards and all other computer related systems. The median hourly pay is $48.52.

5. Law Enforcement Officers

The streamlining of legal processes and ensuring that people get justice according to the set rules and law, is what the Judges and Hearing officers do. Usually, they get a median hourly pay of $49.51.

6. Mathematicians

Mathematics play a very important role in providing solutions to almost all the real world problems. The job of mathematicians is to develop and innovate new principals that can help in solving these problems more effectively. The median hourly pay for this career is around $48.73.

7. (Nuclear) Engineers

Nuclear engineers are the brains behind most of the awesome stuff that’s benefiting people by making use of radiation and nuclear energy. The medical equipments being used in hospitals are few examples of the wonders nuclear engineers do. The median hourly pay is $50.13.

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