Improving The Education System In Pakistan


We cannot deny from the fact that our standard of education is on the downfall. Where every competing country is progressing day by day our country is still stuck on the issue which should have been solved years ago. Education is the asset which is responsible for any country’s depreciation, reduction or burgeon improvement.


From my point standard of education of our county should be divided according to provinces and regions (tough ask but possible). With the help of it we can easily monitor the results of the students and come up with a better plan to improve the results.

The main reasons behind this decline are quite simple:

First, the books being taught are not up to the mark. Matriculation and intermediate syllabus haven’t been updated for years. In this epoch where different countries are updating their course outline according to the latest science and technology trends our books are still dormant with same old curriculum. Because of this not only intermediate, but also the students in prestigious and respected universities face many problems because of their boor college foundations.


Secondly, in the selection of teachers political authorities are involved. The teachers selected in public schools are not really proficient. An adroit teacher does not need any help or clout for the job. But out demagogue politicians have power in their hands and have authority to appoint anyone for respected jobs and are no doubt responsible for this condition of our standard of education.


The answer is very simple. Government should take substantial steps; they should revise our curriculum the new curriculum should come up with new advancements and developments in the world. Government should take concrete steps to identify those leaders who are using powers for immoral and illegal activities.

Every child should be presented with the opportunity  to go to school. It is not just getting them into the classrooms. But it’s about confirming that they are well taught, enlightened and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities and possibilities in life.


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  • Angel Sana

    i would like to gives thanks to post author @Wasim Awan we can improve education system in Pakistan easily there are government not taking too much interest to improve education system in Pakistan you can check that currently PEC 5th class Result 2015 is not good we can improve more

  • Alex Joi

    For the past many years, Pakistan has been struggling with its education sector. The government needs to take the necessary measures or else a very bad future is coming ahead. Unemployment, child labor and increasing crime are some of the after effects of poor or no educational facilities. Educational giants have taken over the industry making it difficult for smaller schools to survive. If small scale schools start using proper administration systems such as there is a greater chance that the school might thrive in the industry.