Facebook Unseen: Disables the ‘Seen’ Feature in Facebook Chat

We finally have an extension which allows you to see your Facebook messages without the other person knowing it that you have seen their messages since this extension blocks the read receipts.

Facebook Unseen
As we all know that Facebook included the “seen” message feature a few years back but it was not liked by many people. To be quite honest this feature is annoying, since sometimes you just want the other person to assume that you haven’t read the messages but the “seen” check mark makes it impossible to fake leaving you tangled in a few problems.

Facebook Unseen
Facebook Unseen is a tiny add-on for Google Chrome that blocks Facebook read receipts from being sent. Facebook Unseen comes in pretty handy when it comes to not letting people know that you have seen their messages. But there are people who would find this add-on awkward since this makes you less social.
The other cool feature of Facebook Unseen is it gives you the control over who sees when you have read their messages since you can manually mark the messages as read. This will make to less suspicious to your friends if you reply without the read receipt showing up first.

You can download the extension HERE 

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