Google develops glass with more RAM the day before I/O

Google officially introduced a new software update app called “livestream” in its MyGlass store.  Google Glass is efforts from Google to develop aggrandize reality glasses. The Google glass looks like simple pair of eye glasses, but the difference lays it its lens -they are similar to Smartphone-like display with voice command platform as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Google Glass is compatible with Android mobile operating system and Apple IOS devices. Google has quietly transformed the memory in newly Glass units ranging from 682MB to a full 2GB.

Google introduced a new concept of checking battery that helps people to notice their battery life and overall performance through many upgrades improvements.

Beta testing:

 The Earlier versions of Google glass were framed from titanium glasses to show communications from Google accounts and Smartphone’s in the display. The reason Google glass was designed to attend phone calls, send messages, capture pictures and videos, GSM, tracking maps, browsing results. It also has built in special voice trackers to track commands as simple as “Take Picture” to capture whatever is in view.

Criticism on Google Glass:

Google Glass is not yet on the market, but this device is receiving serious arguments against in terms of law. Anyone can easily capture pictures, and videos post them online, due to this very reason a number of bars and restaurants have invoked “No glasses” policies to avert customers from recording or being recorded.

People wearing Google glass make everyone around them uncomfortable; because of it people can even use face-reorganization applications to identify strangers. It could destroy the privacy, may increase violence and no one has any idea what health problems glass will create.

It may be possible that Google will also introduce some type of remote administration to protect against threats.

Google-level Design:


Forget about using normal eye glasses, circle glasses and hipster chunky glasses. The design of Google Glass is actually really elegant, inventive and playful. It’s like an Apple- level design no wait! It’s beyond what apple has been doing recently. Glass is simply simple and comfortable to wear. The main body is made up of soft-touch plastic. Arc of glass is made up of thin metal strip, nose pads and typical arm pads which rest easily on face. Plastic has a layout for battery and a counterweight which lies behind the ear.

Most interesting part of this glass is its search functionality. Want to know how old is Tom Cruise?  Or want the directions to the new hangout spot? Just put on these glasses and have access to Google just an eye blink away!

Contributed by: Saliha Naveed

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Farhana Fatima

Farhana is the Content Manager at She's an avid reader and a frequent writer. She likes blogging and travelling.

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