HidrateMe Bottles: Keeping You Hydrated

Submission By: Sundas Khan

A lot of research and technological development is happening in the domains to better facilitate and improve human life. Just like smart phones, that simplified lots of things, smart water bottles are going to be the new hot thing real soon. With the use of just a sensor and a smartphone app, this water bottle monitors your hydration levels and glows to remind you when you need to drink water.


This amazing application developed by Nadya Nguyen and her team is a little hydration advisor that not only tracks your regular water consumption but also tells you how much you should drink based upon your location and physical traits. You may be wondering how did the end up with making accurate calculations; well this is where the physicians of Kansas University came in to help with their part of information required in these calculations. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise the required sum of $35,000 for turning this dream in to a reality. Luckily, they have raised over $230,000 so far and the campaign is being backed by over 3,000 donors.

I thought I was pretty conscious about hydration, and it just reminded me how easy it is to forget when life gets busy. – Nguyen (Co-Founder)

It took a little convincing on Nguyen’s part to get few fellows in to believing her idea and they made it to the 3rd spot in Minneapolis Google Startup Competition in 2014, by developing a working prototype in just 54 hours. The team now plans what any entrepreneur with a change making idea would do – quitting their jobs to join a three-month mentorship program which is aimed to provide them with intensive training and knowledge of the relevant domain.

Hidrate Green

What more? You can easily set time intervals for your water intakes. So if you plan to drink once every hour and you forget to drink after an hour, the bottle will glow to give you a soft reminder to stay hydrated. The bottle will be available for purchase in Winter 2015. Here is a little preview video that details the user experience you get with HidrateMe.

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