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Best iPhone Apps For 2014

Earlier this week, we covered an article about some amazing android apps that iPhone users can’t haveĀ and that must’ve made i-Fans feel sad. We therefore decided to come up with something to cheer them up and nothing could serve the...

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MICA The Smart Bracelet for Smart Women

MICA has to be one of the most unique and luxurious bracelet around. My Intelligent Communications Accessory (MICA) is a joint venture of Opening Ceremony and Intel. Particularly designed for the stylish and connected women it contains 18k gold coating...

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CubePro 3D Printer- Touchable Technology!

Touchable 3D imagery unveiled in Japan, Monday. Latest technology where its developers said: users could push and pull items that are not really there. This technology can improve a gaming experience, and can allow anyone to physically shape items that...