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    "There go the people; I must follow them, for I'm their leader!" - Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin

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  • MeriTaleem's new version is coming soon! Stay tuned! :)
    4 years ago
  • Usama replied to a discussion Re: Criteria of university ran...
    Hi Faisal, We used different responses from current and former students as well as consulted Industry specialists to get to know which university is providing better quality of education to its students based on different disciplines. Our ranking is different from HEC because HEC uses a standardized technical criteria while we are usi...
    5 years ago
  • Usama created a new topic ' How to Start a Career in Information Technology' in the forum.
    Many people believe that starting a career in the hot Information Technology field is hard. It's really not so.

    Here's a brief list of steps you need to go through to make sure you get to where you want to be in this field.

    1. Discover if you are already skilled in IT
    If you have a PC and use it for more than just typing and basic office work, doing homework, playing games and casually browsing the web, then you have the right stuff for the job.

    2. Make a list of what types of IT work you might be interested in
    For example, if you love computer games, you can list "game testing," or "writing game software." If you enjoy designing, "graphic design" or "software design" should go on your list. If you are interested in how the internet works and how computer connect to each other, "network administration or network design" will work for you.

    3. Choose something that will make you happy
    If you really enjoy it as a pastime, you will progress in skill much faster.

    4. Get to know the right people
    Many IT gurus love to assist people. Look into a formal or even casual apprenticeship. Make a geek your new best friend.

    5. Search for educational opportunities in your area or online
    Find out about different fields in the vast field of Information Technology and determine what are the entry requirements for each. Make comparisons. You can use this link to start with.

    6. Supplement self-taught skills with specialized classes or a degree program
    With the right information & knowledge, you can jump right into the job market. The more education you get in the field, the better your income will probably be in the long run, but there are entry level jobs even for people with little education.

    7. Look into professional certifications
    Even without a college degree an MCSE or A+ certification can gain you significant credibility.

    8. Seek internships at reputable companies
    An internship at companies like IBM (Islamabad), NetSol (Lahore) or TRG Tech (Lahore/Karachi) will open a lot of doors for you later.

    9. Write a competitive resume and post it at prominent internet job sites
    Websites like ensure that you get the best of the jobs at your fingertips. Post your resume, apply for them and be open to move to another city if the job offer is good.

    10. Take the best entry level job you can get
    Start with a decent entry level job and in your spare time, focus on honing your skills and on keeping up with the constantly evolving applications, hardware, and software that you'll need to utilize. You can also freelance during this time or work on your own application development projects.
    5 years ago
  • Usama created a new topic ' NUST increased its number of Entry Tests per year' in the forum.
    Hi friends,

    I just wanted to inform you that NUST university has increased the number of entry tests per year. Previously there was only one entry test per year which caused a lot of pressure on the good hardworking students. If they were unable to perform good in that test, they were not selected. But now there would be 2-3 entry tests conducted per year. So you can start preparing as soon as your FSc. 2nd year or A-2 starts. This would enable you to benefit from the opportunity of more than 1 entry tests per year and you can attempt it 2 times if you can't do well on the 1st time.

    NUST is the top university in Pakistan as ranked by HEC this year. A place in NUST means that you can have a great chance of getting a good job when you graduate.

    For more information, please visit NUST's website [url=http://]here[/url].

    Good luck!
    5 years ago


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