Student Handbooks


Possible Options after FSC / A-Level

As a student of final year of high school – second year of F.Sc or A’levels- you can choose one of the two pathways. You can either apply to local universities or apply abroad.Applying to local universities:If you are planning on continuing your higher education in...



Education System of Pakistan

Since the independence, Pakistan has been working towards improving its education system. Due to various social and political issues, the country is still struggling to chalk out and maintain a system in line with the international standards. The education system of Pakistan is divided into three distinct sub-systems..



Fields of Study

This section deals with the "Fields of study". Contrary to common belief, there are many subject areas which you can pursue. A specific field of study comprises of many sub-divisions.The following will help you understand what you want to study for the next four years and the career possibilities at the end of your studies... 





Having trouble finding the right information on how to get admission in Pakistani universities/colleges? You have come to the right place. In this section you will be able to explore different admission criterion, admission notices and all kinds of entry tests for getting into your dream university.




Can’t afford the hefty price tag of a degree? Looking for some financial assistance? This section of our website will guide you about the latest scholarships available for Pakistani students. You can explore the available scholarships/financial aid options in Pakistan here. Find the best offer for yourself!



Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? In this section, you can explore the world’s most famous destinations for Pakistani students. Get the basic knowledge for applying for admissions in a particular country and know the pre-requisites for visa application. Find the best suitable location for your degree program and fly away to a rewarding future.



Career Counseling

Undecided about future goals? Haven’t finalized your career path yet? It is better to take advice from a professional than listening to people around you. Explore our career counseling section to get an idea of what exactly you should be doing. If you are still unsure, contact us and we will help you get into the career that’s right for you.