Abasyn University

Duration: Part Time, 3-5 Years
Degree Type: PhD
Department: Computing and Technology
Campus: Peshawar

Admission Date

Jan-Feb, Jul-Aug

How To Apply

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The doctoral programs in Computer Science & Engineering emphasize creative research work leading to a doctoral dissertation. Students begin seeking a suitable research topic early in their program of study, under the guidance of an experienced faculty member

Degree  requirements:

  • A degree in a relevant subject, earned from a recognized university after 18 years of relevant education  CGPA of at least 2.0

This field enables one to work as a programmer whether scientific or system. computer control or interface.Doctor degree in computer science and engineering provides the opportunity of freedom in ones work and create a strong desire to "make a mark". Both of these are well supported by research activities a faculty undertakes as part of his job. He has the freedom to select the problems he works on, and through his research he creates new knowledge which is published under his authorship. This is a very strong motivating factor and very good people across the world sacrifice other benefits for academic freedom and possibilities to create and innovate

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