Study Options after FSc/A-levels

As a student of final year of high school – second year of F.Sc or A’levels- you can choose one of the two pathways. You can either apply to local universities or apply abroad.

  • Applying to local universities: If you are planning on continuing your higher education in Pakistan then you have to be vigilant about the deadlines of the admission dates and admission tests. Most universities start their admission process after the students are done with the external examinations. However, if you are planning on securing an admission in LUMS or NUST, you have to look for relevant information at the start of December.

    For engineering and medical universities, entrance exams carry a significant weightage. You have to start preparing for them right at the start of your final year. This will help you score better marks in the exam and ensure your admittance to the University of your liking. After the end of your final external exams, you should thoroughly go through your notes of the previous two years of study. Practicing test paper books like ECAT, MCAT, SAT I & II and NAT will further give you an idea that how entrance exam may look like.

    It is strongly advised that you apply to as many universities and as many courses in the field of study of your interest as you can. Universities are not just about academics, they provide a lifelong experience- grooming you and helping you boost your confidence. So, if you get into a university away from your home, you should definitely avail the opportunity.

  • Applying abroad: If you are applying to a university abroad, you have to be more careful, as their deadlines are different than our local ones. To apply abroad you have to start preparing during your first year so that you do not miss the deadlines.
    Depending on which country you are applying to, you will be required to take a test to prove you meet the language requirements. These tests play a significant role in your admission process, so they should not be taken lightly. 

    To apply to a university abroad, you might also need to send in a copy of your passport- depending on the University requirements. If that is the case then it will be wiser to apply for a passport well before you are planning on applying to the university.

    All the universities in other countries require letters of recommendation from two of your high school teachers. Sometimes they directly contact those two teachers via email but in many instances they want a sealed letter along with your other documents. It is advised that you approach teachers relevant to the course about it.

    Admissions abroad highly depend on your personal statement. Foreign schools may overlook your grades and give you a chance at their institution if you prove through your college essay of personal statement that you will be a valuable addition to the student body. Go through the course profile and compose a personal statement and read it at least a dozen times- improving it. Do show it to your language teacher or any relevant teacher so that they can also provide tips.

    To better your chance getting into a good university abroad, apply well before the deadline. Make sure that you send in all of the required documents for the process to go smoothly.